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The Lookfilter Story


Lookfilter is a young photography company founded and based in Munich and Berlin, Germany. We belief in the power of photography. One single image can change everything. Our attitude, our feelings, our understanding, our life. Our driving force is to ensure that You get the best out of every single shot and spend more time behind the camera instead of hours in front of your desktop. We are no businessmen, but all longtime experienced professional photographers. Our passion for photography is deeply rooted in our lives. Over the past 12 years of ongoing photo productions Benjamin Antony Monn, founder and Hasselblad Master winner, has developed a wide range of photo editing tools to streamline his personal post production workflow. Together with a group of German photographers and retouching experts, he continuously develops and refines the Lookfilter preset collection. Now it's time to let you take advantage of our experience. We offer a

wide range of unique and innovative Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions. Lookfilter is a powerful and effective retouching tool - and it's fun! With our special color and black & white presets You can easily transform complete photo sessions into a stunning portfolio. There's no limit for Your creativity and You'll become more and more efficient day by day because our presets are time-saving and easy-to-use. No matter if You are a rookie or pro - anyone can use Lookfilter. It's really that simple and will help You cut down your image processing time straight away. But Lookfilter is not only about creative presets. We want to support young photographers and students to improve their skills and to develop their individual style. Because the only thing you should take care of is the right moment to press the shutter and make the next great picture. We take care of the rest! Why not get started today? Update your preset collection with a free Lookfilter!

Lookfilter is trusted by thousands of customers and 32.000+ Facebook Fans worldwide

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The Lookfilter Team


Benjamin A. Monn
Founder & CEO


Michael Schmidt
Engineer & Design


Customer Care



Supporting Photographers


Daniel Völker
Fashion Photographer


Patrick Löffler
People Photographer


Lenz Mayer
Wildlife Photographer


Max von Treu
Fashion Photographerr


Andreas Richter
Fashion Photographer


Thilo Brunner
People Photographer


Albrecht von Alvensleben
Architectural Photographer


Irek Kielczyk
Fine Art Photographer

What photographers say about Lookfilter.com

Thilo Brunner, People Photographer

Thilo Brunner
People Photographer

I was searching for a preset collection to edit my pictures and control light and color. Lookfilter.com saved me time and it's super creative!

Link: http://www.thilobrunner.com

Tim Gutke, Journalist

Tim Gutke

I love Instagram & Hipstamatic. But Lookfilter is for the big files. Their Actions and Lightroom Presets are professional and easy to use.

Link: http://www.timgutke.com/

Daniel Völker, Fashion Photographer

Daniel Völker
Fashion Photographer

I can easily add unique looks and speed up my workflow. Lookfilter offers the most powerful preset collection I have used to date. You'll love it!

Link: http://www.danielvoelker.com

Hans Strand, Landscape Photographer

Hans Strand
Landscape Photographer

Lookfilter.com is the best choice if you want to save money and select a cool photo effect you really need. Best part, you can test some of the actions for free.

Link: http://www.hansstrand.com

Patrick Loeffler, Wedding & Event Photographer

Patrick Loeffler
Wedding & Event Photographer

I am still shooting analog, with a Leica M. For some wedding jobs it's necessary to shoot digital. I prefer the vintage vol.1 actions.

Link: http://www.patrickloeffler.de/

Jens Gerlach, People & Wedding Photographer

Jens Gerlach
People & Wedding Photographer

Thank you so much for this wonderful photoshop action sets! My wedding pictures get the extraordinary look that is expected from my customers.

Link: http://www.jenzflare.de

Joern Kengelbach, Journalist & Photographer

Joern Kengelbach
Journalist & Photographer

Just tested the new Lightroom preset collection and I'm totally impressed with the results. The new Black & White Vol.1 is my favorite bundle.

Link: https://jfk.exposure.so/

Jessica, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Thanks for the great support yesterday! Can't wait to see the new Lightroom preset collection. Keep it up and all the best from Croatia.


Alexander, Developer


Finally, a way to change the style of my images with just one click. Pretty time saving and perfect for my layouts and image retouching.

Link: http://www.gloning.net/

Boris Benedek, Cameraman & Filmmaker

Boris Benedek
Cameraman & Filmmaker

Definitely the only presets you'll ever need. Lookfilter is one of the best online shops, if you're looking for inspiration and some creative tools.

Link: http://www.blankpaperstudio.com/