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It is getting cold outside…well at least for some of us…so we think it’s time to discover photography indoors. Get inspired and maybe even buy some great works. 2014 has a hell lot to offer – check out the best photography fairs worldwide!

Best photography fairs worldwide

London: The London Photograph Fair

The fair takes place four times a year, has room for up to 45 galleries or dealers to show their best pieces. Either hung on the walls of the booths or laid on t

he table – images everywhere! Take you time and let photography take you on a lovely and relaxed Sunday stroll.

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Madrid: Madrid Foto – International Photography Fair

Madrid? Art? Prado? NO! Madrid Foto brings fine art photography into the city. For 3 days in late May or early July it’s all about international photography, artists and dealers. The combination of the Old Slaughterhouse’s atmosphere, the Spanish way of living and high quality art make a visit definitely worth it!
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Amsterdam: Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam

The Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam is not only a new and young fair, running for the first time this September, it is also mostly “new photography” that is on display. More than 50 galleries from all around the world filled their booths with new high quality photography from both rookies and old masters. And also as a first time buyer you are not only a very welcome guest, but rather guided and supported through the experience of starting your own collection. We are already looking forward to 2013 – let’s hope it is on again!
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Paris: Paris Photo

Mesdames et Messieurs! Paris calling….what else shall we say? Located in the Grand Palais world’s best photography is exhibited in amazing architecture. The fair takes place every November – get ready for the haut couture of photography!
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Miami: The Focus Miami Photo Fair (USA)

Safe the date! December 3rd- 8th, 2013! Art , more art, photography! Miami’s art week is finally completed with the photo fair. A broad variety from vintage and contemporary photography will be presented.

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New York: The AIPAD Photography Fair

Already for the 33rd time the AIPAD will open its doors for you from April 4th-7th, 2013. More than 70 top galleries invite you for stroll through a world full of historic images from the 19th century, modern and contemporary photography. Located on the Upper East Site – the fair takes photography were it belongs: right in the middle of New York’s best museums.
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Come, see and buy…or get some inspiration. Photo LA is the perfect platform for dealers, collectors, first-time buyers, artist, visitors and photography lovers to meet together

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