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June 01, 2016

The Sartorialist

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April 22, 2016

Stephen Shore – Behind the Mythology

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November 03, 2013

Kevin Russ || Photographers with style Part 16

Photographing traveling – traveling photographing Travel photography seems to be a ‘thing’ of today. A photographical subgenre that unfolds and spreads online through social media networks and blogs – but travel photography is not a phenomenon of today their origin goes way back in the history of photography. So what is travel photography, what is hidden behind this description, this term that is so widespread in the world of photography and not only there? Its tmotives are the places, sites and especially the people who seem to appear more or less randomly in front of the photographer’s lens.

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November 03, 2013

Taryn Simon Interview

An interview with the photographic artist Taryn Simon.


November 03, 2013

Best Photography Fairs Worldwide

Best Photography Fairs Worldwide image art basel

It is getting cold outside…well at least for some of us…so we think it’s time to discover photography indoors. Get inspired and maybe even buy some great works. 2014 has a hell lot to offer – check out the best photography fairs worldwide!

Best photography fairs worldwide

London: The London Photograph Fair

The fair takes place four times a year, has room for up to 45 galleries or dealers to show their best pieces. Either hung on the walls of the booths or laid on t

he table – images everywhere! Take you time and let photography take you on a lovely and relaxed Sunday stroll.

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Madrid: Madrid Foto – International Photography Fair

Madrid? Art? Prado? NO! Madrid Foto brings fine art photography into the city. For 3 days in late May or early July it’s all about international photography, artists and dealers. The combination of the Old Slaughterhouse’s atmosphere, the Spanish way of living and high quality art make a visit definitely worth it!
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