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What is a Lookfilter?

Lookfilter give your images a special and unique style. They improve your photographs and change their look. Lookfilter are preset settings that edit your images fast and simple. They are easy to handle and save you a lot of time.

Lookfilter are available as Photoshop® Actions (in form of droplets) and Lightroom® Presets.


How do I get my Lookfilter products?

All of your Lookfilter products will be available as instant downloads in your account right after you bought them. The products will be stored in your private account on and you can download them from there. All your purchased products will be permanently stored in your account. Our products always come in zip files. Please extract the content before installing and using the Filter.


What are Photoshop® Actions (droplets)

A Photoshop® Action is an automated sequence of commands. It allows you to easily record a set of steps and settings that you can play back and use to edit your images with only one click.


What is a action/droplet and how does it work?

Droplets are small programs that include actions/preset settings that where designed in Adobe Photoshop®. Droplets are perfect as you can save them and place the icon on your desktop or wherever you like on your computer. All you have to do is to drag your image(s) onto the icon and drop them there. If Photoshop® is not open already, it will start automatically. The preset commands of the Lookfilter/droplet will be automatically applied to your images. Your images will adjust to the recorded settings and change their look according to the Lookfilter.


What is a Lightroom® Preset?

Lightroom® Presets are default settings, that allow you to apply a certain look or style to your images with just one click. Or to correct your pictures by preset controllers. The Presets provide you with the parameters and allow you to adjust them just as you like. Lightroom® Presets help you to increase your workflow and improve your photographs likewise.


How do I install my new Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets?

All Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets come in zip files. Please unzip the file and extract the contained folder e.g “Lookfilter LR Vintage Vol.1”  and save it on your desktop or wherever you want on your computer.

1. Open Lightroom® 4 or 5.

2. Choose Lightroom® > Preferences.

3. Select the Presets tab at the top of the window.


4. Click the button “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…“.

5. Please open “Develop Presets“ folder within the new finder window and copy your new Presets into “Develop Presets“.

Note: Only copy the Lookfilter-Presets (filenames ending with .lrtemplate).

6. Please restart Lightroom® 4 or 5 and your new Presets are ready to use. You’ll find all installed Presets in the Develop module, (Presets Section) on the left side.


Does the download expire?

No, your purchased products will be permanently stored in your account. There is no expiry date.


What can I do if I have a technical problem/ problem downloading my Lookfilter products?

Unfortunately Murphy’s law does kick in sometimes. The file might not be downloaded completely due to a bad or lost internet connection. Check your connection and try to download your Lookfilter product again. Make sure you have a working program to unzip the file. Or write an email to support(@) and we’ll do our best to help you!


Do Lookfilter products run on Mac and Win?

Yes, our Filter are compatible with both Mac (OS 10.5 -10.9, Intel Mac only) and Win (at least Win XP). It’s rather depending on the version of Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Lightroom® you use.


What (software) requirements do I need to get started?

Depending on the product you buy you need a Computer, digital images and:

Adobe Photoshop® (CS 3-4-5-6-CC) if you prefer to work with Actions.

Adobe Lightroom® 4 or 5 if you prefer to work with Presets.

You can review the requirements for each Filter on its detail page written in the lower right corner.


Troubleshooting Windows Vista and Windows 7!

There is one special combination, when running Photoshop® droplets on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Adobe® knows about this and this link helps you.


In which language versions of Photoshop® or Lightroom® do the Presets work?

Lookfilter products work in all language versions of Photoshop® and Lightroom®.


Is there a difference between Lookfilter Photoshop® Actions/Droplets and Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets?

Lookfilter Photoshop® Actions/Droplets only work with Photoshop® (CS 3-4-5-6-CC). Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets can be used only in Adobe Lightroom® 4 and 5. You cannot use Photoshop® Actions/droplets in Lightroom® and you cannot use or install any Lightroom® Presets in Adobe Photoshop®.


Lookfilter Photoshop® Actions/ Droplet work the best when your images fit the following settings….

… color depth set at 8-bits and/or 16-bits

… the max. image size is 2 GB

… RGB color mode is set

… when the image is reduced to the background layer


How many photos can I edit at once with a Lookfilter Photoshop® action/droplet?

You can add as many images as you want at once to the droplet. 1, 3 or 3000… it’s up to you and the power of your computer.

Hint: We advise you to add a max. of 10 images at once to the droplet to avoid overloading. This always depends on your computer’s internal memory and processor.


Can I share my Lookfilter products with other users, hand them on or resell them?

Sorry No, all Lookfilter products are copyright protected. You agree on this by accepting our terms of use and copyright policy on purchase. Only the one who bought it should use it. If we find out that our products are resold and shared in anyway we will have to initiate legal steps…and we really don’t want to do so!


Am I allowed to modify / change my Lookfilter products in anyway?

Nope! By buying and downloading a product from Lookfilter you agree with our copyright policy and are not allowed to modify our looks.


How do I pay?

We accept online payment by PayPal and all common credit cards.


Do I get an order confirmation?

First of all you will get a confirmation via Email for setting up your account on For each purchase you will get an individual order confirmation to the Email Address you entered for the registration. Your invoice will be attached to this Email.


I have a coupon code. How can I use it?

You will be asked to enter your code during the payment process on the CART page. Fill in the coupon field and click APPLY COUPON. The total price will go down by the discount you get. Then proceed to CHECKOUT – it’s just as easy as this!


Can I refund my Lookfilter products?

Due to the nature of the digital products we sell and the industry’s standards we cannot provide refunds for any reason. Please make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe Lightroom® and that the version of your software is compatible with our products before proceeding with the purchase.


Forgot your password?

You can easily reset your password. Just click on the “lost password?” on our login page and follow the steps.


Any Question/Problem not mentioned here?

If you have any unanswered questions or further problems write an email to support(@) and we’ll be happy to help! You can reach us 24/7.


What photographers say about

Thilo Brunner, People Photographer

Thilo Brunner
People Photographer

I was searching for a preset collection to edit my pictures and control light and color. saved me time and it's super creative!


Tim Gutke, Journalist

Tim Gutke

I love Instagram & Hipstamatic. But Lookfilter is for the big files. Their Actions and Lightroom Presets are professional and easy to use.


Daniel Völker, Fashion Photographer

Daniel Völker
Fashion Photographer

I can easily add unique looks and speed up my workflow. Lookfilter offers the most powerful preset collection I have used to date. You'll love it!


Hans Strand, Landscape Photographer

Hans Strand
Landscape Photographer is the best choice if you want to save money and select a cool photo effect you really need. Best part, you can test some of the actions for free.


Patrick Loeffler, Wedding & Event Photographer

Patrick Loeffler
Wedding & Event Photographer

I am still shooting analog, with a Leica M. For some wedding jobs it's necessary to shoot digital. I prefer the vintage vol.1 actions.


Jens Gerlach, People & Wedding Photographer

Jens Gerlach
People & Wedding Photographer

Thank you so much for this wonderful photoshop action sets! My wedding pictures get the extraordinary look that is expected from my customers.


Joern Kengelbach, Journalist & Photographer

Joern Kengelbach
Journalist & Photographer

Just tested the new Lightroom preset collection and I'm totally impressed with the results. The new Black & White Vol.1 is my favorite bundle.


Jessica, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Thanks for the great support yesterday! Can't wait to see the new Lightroom preset collection. Keep it up and all the best from Croatia.


Alexander, Developer


Finally, a way to change the style of my images with just one click. Pretty time saving and perfect for my layouts and image retouching.


Boris Benedek, Cameraman & Filmmaker

Boris Benedek
Cameraman & Filmmaker

Definitely the only presets you'll ever need. Lookfilter is one of the best online shops, if you're looking for inspiration and some creative tools.