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What is a Lookfilter?

Lookfilter are Photoshop® Actions (droplets) or Lightroom® Presets which allow you to transform and edit your images fast and easy. Their preset settings speed up your workflow. Our Lookfilter will safe you many hours of time-consuming post processing by yourself.  Your photos will automatically adjust to the Filter’s default settings – with just one click. Create vintage effects, spectacular B/W conversions and amazing color contrasts. Our Filter allow you to be creative and fast at the same time. Lookfilter transform your images into breathtaking photographs. Lookfilter are the quick and simple way to retouch your images and give them amazing looks. Be creative and improve your photography within seconds with the help of our Lookfilter Presets.

Lookfilter are available as Photoshop® actions (in form of droplets) and Lightroom® Presets.


Our professional Photoshop® Actions and Lightroom® Presets are for beginners and experts alike.

Lookfilter’s fast and easy editing tools can be used for every genre. Use them to edit your portraits, landscapes, still lifes, people photography, fashion photography, close ups or what ever motives you capture with your camera… it’s up to you!


How do I get my Lookfilter?

All of your Lookfilter products will be available as instant downloads in your account right after you bought them. The products will be stored in your private account on and you can download them from there. All purchased products will be permanently stored in your account.


What (software) requirements do I need?

All Lookfilter products work cross-platform (mac & pc).

Our Lookfilter Photoshop® Actions are compatible with Adobe Photoshop® CS 3-4-5-6-CC. For Mac OS 10.5 -10.9 (OS X) is required. For Windows at least XP or a newer version is needed. Lookfilter Photoshop Actions / droplets run in all language versions of Photoshop®.

Our Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom® 4 and 5.


How do I install my new Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets?

All Lookfilter Lightroom® Presets come in zip files. Please unzip the file and extract the contained folder e.g “Lookfilter LR Vintage Vol.1”  and save it on your desktop or wherever you want on your computer.

1. Open Lightroom® 4 or 5.

2. Choose Lightroom® > Preferences.

3. Select the Presets tab at the top of the window.

How To Install Lightroom Presets How it works

4. Click the button “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…“.

5. Please open “Develop Presets“ folder within the new finder window and copy your new Presets into “Develop Presets“.

Note: Only copy the Lookfilter Lightroom Presets (filenames ending with .lrtemplate).

6. Please restart Lightroom® 4 or 5 and your new Presets are ready to use. You’ll find all installed Presets in the Develop module, (Presets Section) on the left side.


How do I install and run my new Lookfilter Photoshop® action/droplet?

Step 1:

Please download your new Lookfilter Photoshop® action/droplet from your account. The download will be available there right after purchase.

Hint: As you are downloading Lookfilter products from the Internet you might get asked if you really want to open the program / file. This is a common and general question by your operation system to keep your computer safe. Please click onto „open“ to open and use the filter.

Step 2:

All of our droplets come in zip files. Please extract the contained folder e.g “Lookfilter The Rocking Richard”  and save it on your desktop or wherever you want on your computer. Within this folder you will find two subfolders with the Lookfilter you bought as a droplet. Depending on your operation system use the one for Windows or the one for Mac.

Saved it? Your Lookfilter droplet is now ready to use.

Step 3:

Select the image(s) you want to edit and drag them onto the (droplet’s) icon on your desktop or in the folder where it is saved.

Step 4:

Adobe Photoshop® will open (if it is not so already) and the Lookfilter’s preset actions/settings will be automatically applied to your pictures.

The Lookfilter Photoshop® action/droplet will stop when it is finished. Please save your new image(s) after editing them with your Lookfilter as .tif., jpeg. or whatever you like.

Step 5:

You are done! It is just that easy!


If you have any problems to get your Lookfilter products running contact us 24/7


We hope you enjoy using Lookfilter!



What photographers say about

Thilo Brunner, People Photographer

Thilo Brunner
People Photographer

I was searching for a preset collection to edit my pictures and control light and color. saved me time and it's super creative!


Tim Gutke, Journalist

Tim Gutke

I love Instagram & Hipstamatic. But Lookfilter is for the big files. Their Actions and Presets are professional and easy to use.


Daniel Völker, Fashion Photographer

Daniel Völker
Fashion Photographer

I can easily add unique looks and speed up my workflow. Lookfilter offers the most powerful preset collection I have used to date. You'll love it!


Hans Strand, Landscape Photographer

Hans Strand
Landscape Photographer is the best choice if you want to save money and select a cool photo effect you really need. Best part, you can test some of the actions for free.


Patrick Loeffler, Wedding & Event Photographer

Patrick Loeffler
Wedding & Event Photographer

I am still shooting analog, with a Leica M. For some wedding jobs it's necessary to shoot digital. I prefer the vintage vol.1 actions.


Jens Gerlach, People & Wedding Photographer

Jens Gerlach
People & Wedding Photographer

Thank you so much for this wonderful photoshop action sets! My wedding pictures get the extraordinary look that is expected from my customers.


Joern Kengelbach, Journalist & Photographer

Joern Kengelbach
Journalist & Photographer

Just tested the new Lightroom preset collection and I'm totally impressed with the results. The new Black & White Vol.1 is my favorite bundle.


Jessica, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Thanks for the great support yesterday! Can't wait to see the new Lightroom preset collection. Keep it up and all the best from Croatia.


Alexander, Developer


Finally, a way to change the style of my images with just one click. Pretty time saving and perfect for my layouts and image retouching.


Boris Benedek, Cameraman & Filmmaker

Boris Benedek
Cameraman & Filmmaker

Definitely the only presets you'll ever need. Lookfilter is one of the best online shops, if you're looking for inspiration and some creative tools.