Photographing traveling – traveling photographing Travel photography seems to be a ‘thing’ of today. A photographical subgenre that unfolds and spreads online through social media networks and blogs – but travel photography is not a phenomenon of today their origin goes way back in the history of photography. So what is travel photography, what is hidden behind this description, this term that is so widespread in the world of photography and not only there? Its tmotives are the places, sites and especially the people who seem to appear more or less randomly in front of the photographer’s lens.

The culture, the way of life or a certain feeling in a specific moment in a very, very natural state – that’s what travel photography depicts. Even though the word travel indicates the discovery and thus the documention of new lands and sites, there are no geographical or topographical limitations. Travel photography is and was capturing very special moments, feelings, people and – yes – also places which catch the photographer’s attention, which cross the photographer’s route. What was formerly sometimes a mere a byproduct turned today into a life mission for some photographers. A mission which does fluctate between documentary and art. Check out the photographs by Kevin Russ and get an impression what travel photography can be. He is on the road. Traveling. With his camera. Taking pictures. Having style!

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