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Lightroom Presets are saved editing commands within Adobe Lightroom. They allow you to safe of your favourite photographs and to replay them on and on. Lightroom Presets enrich your photography not only by speeding up your workflow, but also through giving you the chance to get a certain look, atmosphere, style or image size over and over again. You can use Lightroom Presets for as many photos as you like. Once you developed or found “the“ look for your images there are no limits to recalling it again and again. Did you take 2000 photos at your cousins wedding or 200 images during your last summer holidays? Why not arrange a photobook with the help of Adobe Lightroom to keep your memories or to create the perfect gift for the newly weds – without

spending endless hours of editing in front of the computer! Either design your own Lightroom Preset or use Lookfilter’s Lightroom Presets – this will make your workflow even faster. All of Lightroom’s editing commands and tools can be saved as Lightroom Presets – there are no limits for your creativity. Another great advantage of Lightroom Presets is that they do not destroy your original files in way – not even by the mistake. Using Lightroom Presets are therefore a true win win situation. You get creative looks, fast, easy. Directly ready for any further use within Lightroom or “just” to edit your photos. What else could you want (in terms of editing)?