Style. More Style. Gregory Crewdson!
The American photographer Gregory Crewdson, born in 1962 in Brooklyn, has a very unique view on the world. His photography is just as unique – it is actually more than photography. Cinematic photography might be the best way to describe his way to work. What looks like a snapshot of everyday’s world is the product of weeklong work.

Every detail, every lamp, every fold in the curtain is arranged, nothing is coincidental. Crewdson’s vision directs the scene: his photographs are the result of his search for the one perfect moment. It is all about the perfect sky, the perfect light and the perfect style.

Crewdson’s pictures are clear, are full of details, full of different stories. The closer you lean, the more they tell you. Massive and static at first sight, detailed and full of life with every further glance. Take your time to look at them – as it takes Crewdson time to make them! Looking at one of his pictures is more like watching an entire movie than just one photo. Let go, buy popcorn and sit back!

Check out the making of his photographs:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN8gI_8SC2E

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