Paolo Roversi – Fashion Photography? Artist? Both!

In someway every photographer is an artist..,true. But some photographers seem to be ‘more’ artists than others. Paolo Roversi definitely belongs to the second category. This is not only proved by his 19 solo exhibitions in various international galleries and museums or through his participation in nearly countless group shows, but also by the books, reviews and magazine articles concerning him, his way to photograph and of course his images themselves.
Roversi started his career in the middle of the 1970s as an assistant to the British photographer Lawrence Sackmann.

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Only ten years later he was one of the most recognized fashion photographers around the globe. His career started to kick off and reached a peak during a time when fashion magazines allowed their photographers nearly endless creative freedom for the campaigns and editorials.

Paolo Roversi was not only able to establish a very individual and unique style of fashion photography, he also had the opportunity to take his creativity and ‘photographic eye’ beyond the boundaries of commercial photography. Several trips took him to e.g. India or Yemen: portraits and photographs, shown in numerous exhibitions and publications, were the result.

Paolo Roversi’s work is always oscillating between fashion photography and art, not just because they are displayed in a museum context. His portraits – whether they have a fashion background or not – depict intensity, sensitivity, sensibility, individuality (of both artist and model), avant-garde, sexuality, bohemia…this list could go on forever… Roversi’s photographs have the little something. The little something of style! Check out and dive into a very special world of visuality.

See more of Paolo Roversi on: http://www.paoloroversi.com/diaporama/photographs.html

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